HaZamir San Diego

We are excited to announce that we are beginning a new HaZamir chapter, here in San Diego. HaZamir Is an international Jewish teen choir, with headquarters in New York City. All of the chapters learn the same Jewish music throughout the year and come together every March to perform the music at Lincoln Center in New York City. The students learn to read sheet music and receive free college credits for being a part of HaZamir. It is an amazing opportunity for students to learn Jewish music at a very high level and be able to write on their college resumes that they have performed on one of the greatest stages in this country. We are so thrilled to bring this opportunity to our Jewish community of San Diego.


Starting July 1, 2021, the San Diego Jewish Teen Initiative will be transitioning under the new direction of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County. If you have any questions regarding community partners, grants, or offerings, please reach out to Molly Okun, Donor Engagement Manager.