Ken Jewish Community

The KEN Jewish Community is the place where Latin Jewish families find friends for life who share their beliefs, values, and traditions. Through a wide range of educational, leadership, social, performing arts, and sports programs and activities, its members strengthen their Jewish identity, build a connection with Israel, and maintain their Latin culture. Our youth movement, Maccabi Tikvat Majar, has been created by our youth, for our youth. Saturday afternoons, the madrichim (16 to 18 years old), lead groups of janijim (6 to 15 years old) in non-formal educational activities. The madrichim plan and develop activities under the supervision of a youth director, who is in charge of structuring and developing the program and its educational value.


Starting July 1, 2021, the San Diego Jewish Teen Initiative will be transitioning under the new direction of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County. If you have any questions regarding community partners, grants, or offerings, please reach out to Molly Okun, Donor Engagement Manager.